3 2017 Trends I’m Still Wearing This Year

3 2017 Trends I’m Still Wearing This Year

In case you’re wondering what’s in, just take a peek back to last year for inspiration! I was so inspired by fashion last year that I’m taking a few of my favorite trends to the new year. Can you guess what a few of those are??

Pinstripe shirting

This one has been around for a while, but I just don’t see pinstripes and crazy shirting going away anytime soon! What I love is that the otherwise corporate “print” and fabric can be made so casual. I’m wearing Marc by Marc Jacobs which was made unique with the wrap around collar and waist. It really gives a twist to a boring sleeveless pinstripe shirt and I feel it can still be work in both casual and more professional settings. A few other favorites include one shoulder and tunics.

Big sleeves

Perhaps the ‘90s made a revival last year, but the ‘80s will be back sooner than we expect. While the ‘80s definitely presented some… questionable… attire, big sleeves are back and better than ever. Below my pinstripe shirt, I layered a bell bottom shirt for a unique look. This year, expect to see more bishop, Juliet, and layered sleeves.


Is there anyone who isn’t inspired by French style? Berets definitely started coming back late last year and I’m sure they’ll continue to be popular. And if you’re wondering what to wear it with, berets literally go with anything: dresses, jeans, sneakers… you name it! The French are known for their effortless style so no need to force it – just wear what you normally would.

What were some of your favorite trends last year that you’ll transition to 2018? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Photography by Stephanie