5 Back to School Must Haves

School is literally right around the corner now! If you’re like me, cute accessories really help the transition from summer to the classroom. In my backpack, I always hold these 5 back to school must haves that can easily be carried on a daily basis. They all help me keep organized, and that really helps me meet my scholarly goals. Plus – they are really nice to look at 🙂

1. Moleskine Journal

These are my favorite notebooks! They are so easy to carry around, and I love that you can “Save your spot” with the built in place marker. 

2. Pencil case

Never forget your pens, pencils, and highlighters again. Having a pencil case may seem elementary, but it really helps remind me to bring my pens to class!

3. S’well bottle

Stay hydrated! This is so important no matter what time, but I find that keeping myself hydrated keeps me less stressed and more concentrated. A bottle like this one from S’well can also be used for hot beverages like tea or coffee!

4. Laptop sleeve

I carry my MacBook Air with me to school, so I always make sure its protected. A laptop sleeve keeps my laptop protected from scratches and water damage on the off change my water bottle explodes.

5. File folder

This one is so cute, and can be personalized! I put my initials, GL, on mine. This file folder is 100% leather. I use this folder to carry my syllabus, printed PowerPoint slides, and other important notes to class.

To everyone going back to school, I want to wish you the best of luck! School is definitely not easy, but by setting goals and setting organized, you can rock this semester!

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