5 Reasons Why You Should Consign Clothing Online

5 Reasons Why You Should Consign Clothing Online

Beginning today, October 2nd will be National Consignment Day! To celebrate, I am collaborating with The RealReal to share their #NeverThrowAway movement – a smart way to get rid of your unwanted clothing, and not have them end up in landfills! If you were curious about consigning before but didn’t make the jump, I’m sharing why you should begin to consign clothing online.

Why I Consign

1. Helps me practice sustainability

Throwing away clothing that is in good condition is highly wasteful! Not only is it literally placing resources in the trash, it’s not environmentally friendly – water waste is a HUGE concern in clothing production. Sustainability is not just about bio-degradable plastic, fashion has a huge effect on the environment so it’s important that we practice ways to be sustainable with clothing.

2. Reassessed what I own

Because of extra clutter, I sometimes don’t remember everything I own. That means I may be buying things I don’t even need, purchasing duplicates without remembering, or just something that doesn’t quite fit right with everything else. Taking a deep dive into what I have means making decisions to keep or give away clothing that’s still in good condition.

3. Got rid of dead weight

Every time I consign, it’s an opportunity to identify what I will keep, sell, or donate. Unworn items or items that I haven’t worn in a long time with high resale value go to consignment, and practically anything else is donated. Getting rid of clutter is very cleansing not only to my closet, but also mentally.

4. Organized my closet

This is that satisfying moment when my closet and wardrobe are neatly organized, everything in it’s place… if only for now (lol)!

5. I made MONEY $$$

And the best part – making a little bit of extra cash! Instead of just throwing the unwanted clothing away, but consigning you make some extra cash that can be used on something you’ll actually want – a dinner date, a vacation, or even shopping 😉

Intrigued? The RealReal will take your unwanted, luxury clothing for consignment. It’s super easy – they even send you the return box!! Learn more about National Consignment Day by heading over to The RealRealSign up, get a quote, begin practicing sustainability & earning money from your clothing.