7 NYFW Essentials in my Bag

7 NYFW Essentials

With New York Fashion Week in full swing, I wanted to share a few essentials that I always have while running around NYC. From tech to beauty and even something slightly out there, you’ll be sure to see me with all these items during NYFW!


Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III Camera

I recently upgraded my camera! I absolutely love this new camera, even though I’m still trying to learn all of its features. It’s a mirrorless camera by Olympus with an amazing vintage look. I personally thing it enhances my NYFW outfits!

Portable Charger

Bloggers everywhere will attest to the need for a portable charger! Without this, you guys really wouldn’t get all the looks at the shows, IG updates, and more. Mine is just larger than a tube of lipstick which is why I love it. Plus, it’ll take my battery from 0-70% in one charge… a life saver!


Liquid Lipstick

Is there any other lip product better than liquid lipstick? I love the matte look and the extra long staying power. This season I really love a neutral or brown colored lip. Mine is by Au Naturale, but I also really love NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream which have the same texture (and is also cruelty free!)

Blotterazzi Pro

Any oily skin ladies in NYFW? Here’s how I stay matte – this nifty little blotting tool that is reusable! The Blotterazzi Pro is Β made of the same material as a Beauty Blender, by the makers of Beauty Blender which obviously means it’s awesome. Lastly, it makes sense to have this since others I’d just have a ton of teeny, oily blotting sheets in my purse.

Travel Size Perfume

NYFW literally means a ton of running around, climbing up and down stairs, extra warm event spaces, and sometimes being a little close for comfort with tons of people. Oh yea, and since I don’t have a press team I literally spend the entire day in Manhattan so I freshen up with some perfume. A rollerball – or even those little sample size perfumes – is the perfect size to just through in my clutch.

Hand Cream

This is mostly a cop-out on my list but its totally necessary! Although my face is oily, my hands are dry so I it’s essential for me to keep my hands moisturized all day. Lately I’ve used this rose scented hand cream by Diptyque.

And One More…

Kombucha Tea

I’m obsessed! I tried kombucha tea for the first time a few years ago and now I’m hooked. It has the benefits of green tea plus probiotics for digestion. Now that it’s more widely sold I’ll buy this as a pick-me-up between shows.

Although these are items in my bag during NYFW, they can easily be used any day! See (and shop!) all the items below!

Photography by One Peach Studio


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