Top 4 Affordable Travel Tips

Affordable Travel

Affordable TravelAffordable travel is essentially an anomaly considering the cost of flights, hotels, activities, and even travel necessities like toiletries. While I love taking my summer vacay each year, I find myself trying to cut corners in any way I can. Here are 4 ways I saved money for my upcoming trip to Mexico:

For Cheap Vacation Packages

This was my first time using CheapCarribean, and I have to say that it was awesome. Unlike other discount travel websites, CheapCarribbean really does take affordable travel to the tropics seriously by including international airline options and piling on hotel discounts. While it may seem insignificant, I saved about $100-200 – that’s money that can go toward an excursion or souvenirs.

For High Quality Toiletries at a Fair Price

Marshalls & TJ Maxx

Bargainistas already know the TJX Companies are where it’s at for discounts, and for affordable travel this is the place to go. I personally love the beauty section in both stores, where you can get discounted hair products and makeup. Since I typically buy salon-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner, I appreciate a few dollars saved here or there on the smaller bottles.

For Daily Necessities

Get the store brand

Yes, I have major love for Target and as a NYer I’m at a Duane Reade virtually every week (sometimes multiple times a week…). Always skip the brand names and go for the store brands: In Target it’s “Up & Up” and in Duane Reade (a Walgreen’s company) it’s “Wal-(fill in the blank).” This doesn’t just have to apply for affordable travel – use this throughout the year as generic versions of the branded products.

For Organizing It All

Ziploc It

This tip is free since you’re bound to have Ziploc bags at home already. I sort and place all bottles in labeled bags, and typically keep them in the bag throughout the vacation. This way I can easily find everything I need while I’m living out of a suitcase for a week.

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xo, Gisel