Best Designer Dupes for 2017

Best Designer Dupes for 2017

Favorite 5: Dupes

When you want to look Gucci, but can’t afford Gucci, the dupe is the next best thing. Dupes are near exact replicas of the designer product. Let’s just say – dupes make me sing, lol. I’m sharing some designer trends against similar, more affordable, styles.

Top 5 Designer Trends & Dupes


Shoes with no backs are my thing. Gucci Princetown slippers are $595, I found styles below $50. Score!

Military Inspired Jackets

I think these will hit it big this year. Details like epaulettes, gold piping and buttons, and a tailored fit is what you need to look for.

Mini Purse

How adorable are these teeny bags?! I’m putting all my large totes to the side and giving my shoulders a rest. 

Vintage-Inspired Denim

I just heard that Re/Done had a 1,000 person waitlist on their flagship product: reworked vintage Levi’s. I have no time, nor budget, for that. 

Heritage Logo T’s

Admittedly, this isn’t exactly a dupe. You can still channel the cool look of a heritage logo t-shirt that’s not Gucci with any of these iconic brands. 

Happy shopping!