Happy New Year!

How is it that 2017 flew by? I honestly feel like January 2017 was just yesterday! Like all other years, 2017 was one of ups and downs, positives and negatives, and several firsts. But now that the year is over, I’m making new goals for this year! What are yours?

This year, I’ve got a few things I want to accomplish. My resolution each year is to challenge myself just a bit more – do something that brings me out of my shell and creates new experience. So here goes – my 2018 plan!


With one class left to my graduate degree, graduation is just around the corner. I’m so excited to finally finish my master’s degree. It’s been my goal to achieve this for a few years, so it’s super exciting that this is happening this year (10 years after my high school graduation!)


I recently decided to become a vegetarian. I’m often asked why I decided to make the diet change and it ultimately just came down to a mental decision to not eat meat. Since I gave it up I feel great and only occasionally miss burgers and steak, lol. It’s a welcomed challenge and allows me to experiment a bit more in the kitchen! Looking forward to seeing how this pans out in the future.


January marks 2 years since I started blogging so expect some more of that this year! Last month, life got in the way and seriously affected my motivation to blog. A new year always motivates me to set goals, so I’m aiming to post more consistently and about great topics. Additionally, I’ll be making a few changes to ‘Mint and Thrift’ so stay tuned fora refreshed look and feel! Also…


This is going to be my biggest challenge, but I can promise you that I have a plan laid out for video content coming soon! I’m very uncomfortable in front of the camera, so this will be a major push but will bring on some more opportunities. Exciting! You can check out my first video, a ‘Get to Know Me’ video on YouTube now!


Going somewhere I haven’t been before! 2017 was great – I started the year with a bang going to Cuba, then travelled to Orlando for the BlogHer conference, returned to Chicago, and hung out in the Hamptons. I’m hoping to plan an exciting trip after I graduate. Where should I go next??

I’m excited to bring Mint and Thrift in to the new year. Thanks to all who have stuck along with me on my blogging journey and to my newer visitors!!

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