Make This Store Your First Shopping Stop

Gap ClothingI recently watched Crazy, Stupid, Love and while I loved the movie, there was one thing that kind of bugged me. Jacob (played by Ryan Gosling) and Cal (Steve Carrell) are shopping for Cal’s wardrobe revamp. Cal obviously is outside of his comfort zone, and Jacob  gives him a pep talk: “Be better than the Gap… be better than the Gap!”  Well, I vehemently disagree and declare… be the Gap!

Yes, the Gap is the clothing retailer that your dad probably definitely shops at. As a woman I might not have dad-bod nor a penchant to wear oversized polos with khakis and old tennis shoes, but I firmly believe Gap is the store we (still) all need and here’s why:

All About Denim

Denim is at the core of Gap and the whole reason why the company was started! To this day, Gap sticks to that core offering modern jean styles with regular, petite, and tall fits. All my ladies with pear shapes know it’s tough to find jeans that fit. I’ll admit that I do try to branch out but then always come crawling bag to the trusted Gap. Denim is not just restricted to jeans but also includes tops, jackets, dresses, skirts, and shorts. All with impeccable fit!

GapBody and GapFit

For great quality intimates, loungewear, and workout gear, look no further than the Gap. Prices are comparable to other stores and you’re not sacrificing on quality.


If you shop at the Gap often, it’s worth enrolling in their hybrid credit card/loyalty program. There are often exclusive discounts (often an extra 5% off a current promotion) for GapCard holders. As you purchase more items, you also rack up points are redeemed for Rewards (bonus cash). Another fun bonus is that if you shop with your GapCard in-store on Tuesdays, you get an extra 10% off your purchase and, yes, the discounts are combinable!

Reserve in Store

Ever shopped online and wished you could get the item now rather than wait (and pay) for the shipping? Or found something online you loved and it was out of stock? Rather than going on a store-to-store hunt, you can find where the item is in stock, have it reserved, and pick it up within the hour. The Reserve In Store system is very accurate, and you can get text alerts once the item is ready for pick up.

Deals on Deals

Finally, the best part – the deals! On top of really good product, you can always count on an additional discount. The best discount is an additional 40% the entire purchase, though it more often applies only to sale items. Still, if you are in need for jeans and tees you won’t need to pay full price. Discount and Rewards codes are combinable and can be used toward purchasing sale items. You’ll ultimately save 60-80% off the marked price! Case in point, here are my outfit details:

Top: Additional 35% off + $5 Rewards, total cost $7 (original $59.95, here)

Jeans: Additional 40% off + 10% Tuesday, total cost $8 (original $69.95, here)

Shoes: Not Gap, here

Go forth and be the Gap! Happy shopping!

xo, Gisel