Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

Why Sustainable Fashion Matters Why Sustainable Fashion Matters Why Sustainable Fashion Matters Why Sustainable Fashion Matters Why Sustainable Fashion Matters Why Sustainable Fashion Matters

In this day and age with depleted resources and the impact human life has had thus far on the environment, sustainability isn’t just a fad or trending hashtag. Incorporating more sustainable practices in fashion – beginning from sourcing and manufacturing down to how we buy – will become ever more important. One specific issue that affects us all is the water usage in the manufacturing process. This depletes the amount of safe drinking water in the world which is already impacted by other industries and human waste. Sustainability is also closely related to ethical practices, such as fair trade. Fair trade practices promote healthy working conditions and truly competitive compensation and benefits plans.

Luckily, sustainability does not equal boring sacks of clothing. Case in point, this dress by Reformation reminiscent of a picnic in the South of France. I wore the dress with vintage mule shoes that I got at a vintage show last year. To help you incorporate more sustainable options in your shopping, I’m sharing several sustainable fashion brands, places to purchase secondhand clothing, and where to resell clothing.

Sustainable Fashion Brands

Here are some of the best shops to get sustainable fashion that’s still cute and on trend.

  • Reformation HERE
  • H&M Conscious HERE
  • Veja (via Anthropologie) HERE
  • ASOS Eco Edit HERE
  • Outdoor Voices (athletic clothing) HERE
  • Everlane HERE

Buying Secondhand

Buying secondhand reduces waste. While not exclusive, thrifting is actually now one of my first options I choose while shopping. The best part is you can usually save money!

  • ThredUP: An online secondhand shop that accepts all kinds of brands and seriously affordable prices. Shop here!
  • The RealReal: An online luxury consignment shop. Read more from a previous post here!
  • Local thrift shops: My favorites are Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet in NYC.


Please, please, please don’t just throw out your (gently used) clothing. Resell or consign clothing to make a few extra bucks, or donate your clothing to help people in need. 

  • Buffalo Exchange: One of my favorite thrift stores, Buffalo Exchange also accepts clothing to sell or trade. I usually get the trade – you get 50% of the resale value. Selling gets you 30% of the resale value in cash.
  • Goodwill: If reselling doesn’t matter, donate clothing to a local Goodwill!

Shop below my hand picked cute, sustainable clothing!


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