You Deserve This: Three Online Sales this Weekend

Weekend Sales

Everybody’s working for the weekend, no? While I consider shopping my cardio, online sales are too hard to resist – and I don’t need to leave bed. This week was somewhat rough, given that it was the first time in 3 weeks  – yes, 3 weeks as a result of vacation and Labor Day – that I worked a full work week. Naturally, I will take to some online shopping and you know I’ll be hitting up all the sales. Don’t miss out on these sales, no need to get out of bed or off the couch!


Pile on the affordable – 60% off sale. Closet and wallet friendly – woo hoo!


Ann Taylor

Additional 40% off with aptly named code YESPLEASE. I’m loving their Autumn Rose feature right now.



Here’s a rare one, 25% off normally full-price brands with code VIP.


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xo, Gisel