Thrifted Yumi Kim Printed Dress

Thrifted Yumi Kim Dress Thrifted Yumi Kim Dress Thrifted Yumi Kim Dress Thrifted Yumi Kim Dress Thrifted Yumi Kim DressThe best part of a good thrift shopping trip is that amazing find. A few months back, I found this beautiful Yumi Kim printed dress (with tags!) at a local Buffalo Exchange. I’ll admit – when I first got this dress it was solely because of the label and price (below $30!). I was iffy on the print, and I wondered whether the ruffled neckline and empire waist were “modern.” Usually when I snag a find like this one, I try to look it up online to find out the year, original price, etc. I couldn’t find it for this Yumi Kim dress, but I grew to love the beautiful ruffle detail, the tribal print, the empire waist (hiding a bit too many burgers and ice cream I’ve eaten this summer, haha). Since it is made of silk, the fabric was so breathable – I just couldn’t stop wearing it! Lo and behold, this has become my go-to summer dress when I have “nothing to wear.”

I always mention that when you thrift shop, you have to be a tad impulsive. My head was reconsidering this Yumi Kim printed dress, but I followed my gut and ended up with a piece that I truly love! If I didn’t end up loving it quite so much after bringing the item home, I could have always returned it. My suggestion is to double check your thrift store’s return policy. And lastly, if I would have missed the return policy, I would consign or resell the item for a portion of my purchase back! With all these options, it’s tough to not be satisfied with a thrift find.

Have you had a similar impulse buy that needed some extra thought? Let me know in the comments, and shop some similar dresses in the “Shop the Post” section below!


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