GRWM: Havana, Cuba

GRWM: Havana, Cuba

GRWM: Havana Cuba

The day has finally come! I have been so excited to finally make this trip to Havana, Cuba! Boy, has it been a preparation experience like no other. Traveling to Cuba presents the unique challenge in that you need to bring most necessities… I really mean that! So in “get ready with me” (“GRWM”) style, I’ve put together a style blogger-friendly guide on what to bring in your luggage. Happy travels!


Pack light – Cuba is a Caribbean country where it’s annually summer time. Shorts, light tees, and flowy dresses are optimal.

Sun Protection

Like I said… it’s the Caribbean. And even though I myself am from a neighboring country – the Dominican Republic – I burn to a crisp in the hot sun. Additionally, Cubans don’t use sunblock so you will likely not find any on the island.


If you’re staying in Havana, bring shoes for walking – sneakers, flat sandals, and flats. You’ll walk A LOT!

Basic Needs

Ok, so this one is not so obvious, but you’ll find extremely useful. Resources are scarce, or very expensive, in Cuba. Make sure to pack your OTC medicines, tampons, first aid kits and any other daily needs. I always get generic Up & Up products from Target, which I can always donate before coming back. 

And finally … Bring an open mind! Cuba is a country where you want to get immersed in the culture – talk and eat with locals, walk through their cities, learn about their lives. I can’t wait to see it for myself!

Stay tuned for a follow up blog post of my time there! I’m also considering vlogging the trip – Let me know if you’re interested in seeing that in the comments below 🙂