Corduroy OverallsCorduroy Overalls Corduroy Overalls Corduroy Overalls Corduroy Overalls

I can honestly say that the last time I wore overalls was at least 16 years ago, while reading Corduroy. For some reason, overalls are back in more styles than you can imagine. I bought this dark blue, corduroy pair from Old Navy last year to see if they would work for me (they did). The overalls were originally flared but I am more comfortable in skinny legs, so I had them hemmed and tapered. Muchhhhh better!

So if you’re wondering “How do I wear overalls?” here’s your answer: Just like you would wear jeans. They will be the main featuring piece so fortunately, you don’t have to think too much about everything else. The great thing also is that they are a totally perfect transition piece for winter to spring. I wore a dolman sleeved sweater, white ankle boots, a printed neck scarf, and topped it with a leather jacket. Oh yea, and because its New York spring (meaning, it’s still cold) a faux fur jacket.

I’m linking below a few of the most figure-flattering overall styles I’ve been coveting recently.

Photography by Matt Lesman

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