Valentine’s Day 2017 Gift Guide

Love is love is love. Period.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! No matter who you are getting a gift for, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, or just a friend, I’m sharing a few affordable yet meaningful gifts (s)he will be sure to love! When it comes to gift giving, thinking about the other person and what they like is so important. Fragrances, for example, are especially indicative of how well you know that person. Wrist candy like watches are also nice, or you can get something sexy and go for cute undies for each other! Lastly, something lasting like a cute card, a picture frame, or even an instant camera allows you to make and save memories longer than just a material item.

I personally like to get my boyfriend, Michael, simple yet well thought out gifts. It might be a surprise, like an item he’s been eyeing for a while and might not have realized I picked up on, or a fun DIY project I found on Pinterest. As a blogger/photographer team, students, employed by day, AND NYFW right smack in the middle of it (phew!), Valentine’s Day will actually be a very busy day for us this year, so we’re likely be having dinner and gift exchanging after the holiday.

The good news between all that is… NYFW is also almost here!!! It’s definitely a busy time but I’m planning on going to some shows so stay tuned for updates on the blog and Instagram.

P.S. The collage is totally shoppable – just click on the ” + ” symbol to link to the product!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers and friends! 🙂